Pure Marula Facial Oil

Pure Marula Facial Oil
Light and hydrating, Pure Marula Facial Oil absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy after-feel providing immediate and long lasting hydration and improved skin elasticity. It is great after a VI or Perfect Derma Peel to rehydrate your skin. Pure Marula facial Oil by Marula Pure Beauty Products is the only doctor endorsed, scientifically validated facial oil, with 60% more antioxidants than the leading Argan Oil. Pure Marula Oil is completely virgin, wild harvested, hand-selected, and cold pressed with no added heat or chemicals ensuring that its beneficial properties are captured in every bottle. This superior Marula facial oil leaves the skin soft and plump with increased firmness for healthy, beautiful, age-defying radiance.

Pure Marula Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types. Apply daily to face and declotte to hydrate, moisturize, and protect skin against the abuse of the elements. Add a few drops to your cleanser, mask and other beauty products to boost skincare benefits or use before your foundation as a makeup primer. Can also be used as a healing aid on chapped and calloused skin.

50 mL / 1.69 fl oz

Suggested Usage:
-Apply three to five drops to face, neck, and hands as an antiaging moisturizer.
-Or add two to three drops to cleanser, mask, scrub, or under your foundation to boost efficacy and give you an amazing hydrated glow all day.

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$77.99 (Fixed) US Dollars

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