The Perfect Derma Plus Booster


The Perfect Derma Plus Booster contains the same synergistic blend of ingredients as The Perfect Derma Peel, but at a higher concentration, that is about 25% stronger than The Perfect Derma Peel.It is an excellent addition for treating stubborn Hyper Pigmentation and Melasma, thick resilient skin, Actinic Keratosis,age spots on hands, arms and chest and Acne scars. The Perfect Derma Plus Booster is to be used in conjunction with The Perfect Derma Peel.

How to use:
The Perfect Derma Plus booster is to be mixed in with the Perfect Derma Peel, and then administrated. The booster is NOT to be used as a spot treatment on its own. Use extra caution on Fitzpatrick skin types 4 and above.

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